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Vasyugan Mire: Natural Conditions, Structure and Functioning

Vasyugan Mire (natural conditions, structure and functioning) / Edited by Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Prof., Dr. L. I. Inisheva. Translated from Russian by Dr. B. M. Klenov. – Tomsk: Tomsk State Pedagogical University Press, 2011. – 162 p.: tabl. 42, ill. 32, refer. 147.
The data on Vasyugan mire are provided based on contemporary research. The history of the research of Vasyugan mire starts in 1876 and lasts until present time. Natural conditions and biogeocenosis structure are described; the calculations of carbon sequestration in the peat deposit are given. The structure of peat resources and chemical properties of the peats of Vasyugan mire are considered. The results of regime research are given for geochemically connected oligotrophic landscapes.
The monograph is of interest for specialists in environmental science, biology, telmathology soil and peatland science.