About Scientific School

Scientific school "Mires and biosphere"!

Russian scientific school "Mires and biosphere" is conducted annually since 2002. Professor Inisheva Lidia Ivanovna is the leader of the school. The academic secretary is dr. Savicheva Olga Gennadievna. The program of school work consists of lecturers' symposium, field excursion to the famous Vasyugan bog and symposium of young scientists. All participants of the program are given certificates, and some young scientists are awarded money premium for the best reports. Materials of the scientific schools are published annually. Below in the text you can find a brief annotation to every edition.

The main tasks of the School:

  • the broadening and extension of knowledge about the subject of research -a peat bog, which is necessary for the solutions of problems of rational nature management
  • distribution of knew knowledge about the important problems of sciences about peat that is the theory and mechanism of functioning of bogs as a component of biosphere, theory, methodology and technology of monitoring of peat-bog ecosystems as the informational basis of their rational nature management; methodology of study of peat qualities as the unique natural formation and creation of high technologies of production, processing and usage
  • discussion of the actual and vital issues of study and usage of peat resources of Siberia

Published Materials of the scientific school "Mires and biosphere"

  • The first scientific school,2002. The edition consists of the selected articles in the sphere of research of role of bogs in biosphere, history of bog origin, rational use of peat resources.
  • The second scientific school,2003. It has materials in research of water protective role of bogs, water cycle in bog ecosystems, geochemistry of bogs.
  • The third scientific school,2004. In the collection of articles there are published lectures in the sphere of research of role of bogs in carbon cycle, emissions of carbonic acid and methane, plant life of bog, biological productiveness of bog ecosystems.
  • The fourth scientific school,2005. In the collection of articles there are published the selected lectures of the leading specialists and materials of young scientists that work in the sphere of rational nature management of peat bogs, their physical and chemical qualities, and production of goods on the basis of peat.